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pneuma (the Spirit, spiritual thing, wind…) in the Gospel of John

pneuma, -tos, to, n., the Spirit, spiritual thing, wind…

In the Bible, the word “SPIRIT” comes from the Greek term: “pneuma”, and the Hebrew: “ruah”. The original meaning is “breath”, “respiration”. The term “pneuma” appears 24 times in the Gospel of John: 1:32.33a.33b; 3:5.6a.6b.8a.8b.34; 4:23.24a.24b; 6:63a.63b; 7:39a.39b; 11:33; 13:21; 14:17.26; 15:26; 16:13; 19:30; 20:22.

The first letter of the word “Spirit” (pneuma) in capital letter does not appear in the other ten chapters (Jn 2; 5; 8–13; 17; 21) but appears mostly in chapter three (six times). The 24 occurrences of the word “pneuma” can be classified in six categories:

1) The Spirit (Holy Spirit), 14 times, therein:
   - the Spirit (pneuma), 8 time in 1:32.33a; 3:5.6a.8b.34; 7:39a.39b.
   -  the Holy Spirit (pneuma to hagion), 3 times in 1:33b; 14:26; 20:22.
   - the Spirit of truth (pneuma tês alêtheias), 3 times in 14:17; 15:26; 16:13.
2) The Spirit or spiritual thing, 2 times in 4:24a; 6:63a.
3) Spiritual thing, spirit, 4 times in 3:6b; 4:23.24b; 6:63b.
4) The spirit of man, 2 times in 11:33; 13:21.
5) The double meaning, the first meaning: the spirit of Jesus suggests the second: the Holy Spirit, 1 time in 19:30.
6) The wind, 1 time in 3:8a.

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